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23. Jun. 2017

A Sweet Cause

On Friday the 23rd of June LTCCK held a fundraiser to raise money for a family who are supporting their child who is battling cancer.

Group Leader Dani knew that the staff, children and families of LTCCK could do a little something to help, so she initiated the fundraiser, and took it upon herself to set up a wonderful display in the foyer of our Centre so families could purchase a cupcake for a gold coin donation.

Each of the children participated in the preparation, baking and decorating of the cupcakes. The children assisted Dani in hosting the stall where they were able to communicate with families, enjoy the role play of a stall holder whilst developing an understanding of charitable works and the gift of giving.

We are so proud that we raised a grand total of $1,450 to support this family.

Thanks you to all of our community, families, children and educators who always restore our faith in humanity (one cupcake at a time!)

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Photo Credits to Cameron Meacham