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13. Jun. 2017

Bunnings Worm-Farm Workshop

Today the Pre-Kinder and Preschool children learned why Bunnings isn’t only good for a ‘snag!’ Bunnings staff came to Laurimar Township Childcare and Kindergarten (LTCCK) to help us reach our sustainability goals!  

Sustainability is an important part of each day at LTCCK, and together with Bunnings Warehouse Mill Park  our educators are offering hands-on knowledge and learning.  

On Tuesday the 13th of June, Michelle and Debbie visited the Centre and demonstrated how to create our own worm farm. They even got the children involved. The scraps from our food waste will now go to another good cause (there’s only so much our dear Rosie can eat!) Approximately 1000 worms have taken up residency in the Kindergarten yard which will make “worm wee” for the Kindergarten children to pour into the vegetable garden.

Imparting this knowledge into every day practice enables children to take an active role in their contribution to sustainability and ‘saving our planet for later’

The children and educators here at LTCCK are excited to see where  else this exciting and successful incursion and learning will take us!


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