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21. Sep. 2017

Carnival Fitness

Today was the final session of the term with Joe. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this weekly incursion. The session began with the children pairing up and holding one another’s shoulders. They then took it in turns to close their eyes while the partner leads them around the yard. The children were in hysterics trying to coordinate their movements with their partners. It was quite a challenging task but the children showed determination managing to display coordination and displaying excellent social skills.


The children also participated in wheel barrow races requiring strong gross motor skills and coordination. Joe then handed out wigs to the children as a part of their final session celebrations allowing the children to truly get into character for their circus acts.


The children each performed a number of circus tricks with hoops and a baton showing how much they have grown throughout the term in relation to coordination, balance and gross motor skills.


Another successful term of Carnival Fitness with our kindergarten children.


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