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19. Oct. 2017

Diwali @ Kids on Collins

Happy Diwali Everyone!!


A special thank you is being sent to all families who participated in our cultural dress up day. The children looked amazing in their traditional and colourful dresses.


This week in the Church Lane room (toddlers) we have been working on setting up an area within our room to celebrate Diwali. We began by offering children the opportunity to decorate/create their own lantern. Some of the children just wanted to do “painting” whereas others wanted to “make Diwali lantern”. While the children were creating, the educators talked with them about what Diwali was and what the lanterns represent. They even practiced saying “Di -ba-li”, “Di-wa-li”, “Bi-Da-li” and we even got an occasional “Di-va-li”.


The children also created a RANGOLI, using glitter to represent the coloured powder that is normally used. Again the children listened to the educators explain ‘Rangoli’.


During our morning meeting in our special Diwali area we wished each other good morning and a happy Diwali. We talked with the children about Diwali, being a festival of light and colours. The children were excited as soon as educators talked about fireworks for the Diwali celebrations. Sacha asked for a fireworks video and Sebastian quickly got up to get the iPad so educators could show children a fireworks video on the iPad.

The children also helped the educators to put their lanterns outside the room, so families can take them home at pickup time.


We all had so much fun making Rangoli and our lanterns for Diwali !!


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