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19. Oct. 2017


Today At ENCC we celebrated Diwali day. This is an Indian Hindu festival of lights that is often celebrated with lamps, fireworks, sweets, gifts and cards.

Some of the rooms made an Indian sweet called Laddu. This consisted of Coconut and sweetened condensed milk. The children mixed the ingredients together, added a food colour, rolled them into balls, placed them into a patty pan and decorated it with a sultana on top.

The infant’s room did paintings that looked like fire crackers exploding. They did this using a cardboard cylinder with the end cut into strips and dipping it into paint.

The toddlers made lanterns. They had to concentrate as they cut along the lines. They decorated them with glitter and glued them together.

Pre-kinder and Preschool both made their version of a Diya. This is a traditional oil lamp made from clay but Pre -school used salt dough and tea light candles and Pre-kinder decorated a cup, tipped it upside down and glued their candle on it.

One of our Preschool Children, Anoushka, came dressed in her traditional Indian Dress which was very nice to see her bringing her family Culture into the Centre.

We all would like to give a big thank you to one of our staff members, Mridu. This is a big celebration for her  and she helped all our children celebrate this today. Great job Mridu, ENCC thanks you.


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