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19. Sep. 2017

Glen Katherine Students leaving an IMPACT!

This term, our Preschool children have been lucky enough to have been visited fortnightly by a group of 12 grade 6 students from Glen Katherine Primary School.

These children are taking part in the Community Leaders Group (known as IMPACT) they have recently attended Leith Park aged care facilities to carry out a variety of different experiences.

We were asked if we would like to be a part of their programme and of course, we were  very keen to become involved especially as a lot of our Preschool children will be attending the school in 2018.

The Community Leaders have been attending the Centre on a fortnightly basis to engage in experiences that they have planned with the children in the Preschool room.


The Programme has proved to be beneficial for both the Primary school students and our Preschool children, not only are the IMPACT group gaining important leaderships skills, but our Preschool children are getting used to the idea of being surrounded by bigger kids – something they’ll soon have to be used to!


Thank you GK for leaving such a great IMPACT!

IMG_5648 IMG_5653