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18. May. 2017

Hayden's Helping Hands

Recently our Preschool children have been discussing hunger, homelessness and those less fortunate. 

On Thursday the Preschool children at ENCC got to meet Hayden and his sister Stephanie from ‘Hayden’s Helping Hands’

Hayden’s Helping Hands is a non-profit organisation that was started by Hayden Rujak (10yrs) and his sister Stephanie Rujak (7yrs). After a trip to America where they observed a lot of homeless people, they were inspired to assist the homeless people in their own backyard and do so by delivering bags of food, water and toiletries.

Hayden and Stephanie spoke to us about what they do and see, they explained to the children that we have a lot of people living in the city who do not have homes and who are forced to sleep on the streets. We discussed how cold, scary, unsafe and lonely it might be to live on the street.

Jasper said “Homeless people have nothing, that’s why we should give them some of our stuff”

As an Early Childhood Educator my favourite part of the job is the constant realisation that we have so much more to learn from children than they do from us. The care, empathy and curiosity in the room yesterday was absolutely astounding.

The educators, children and families at ENCC are very excited to be putting our hands up to help Hayden, Stephanie and their mission… Watch this space!

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