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12. Jun. 2017

Indoor Garden

The children in the Toddler B room (children aged 2 to 3 years) at Melbourne City Childcare and Kindergarten have set up their own indoor garden! The children have worked very hard at planting, watering and caring for their new plants.

They have participated in putting soil into pots, placing seeds in their freshly placed soil, watering the seeds using spray bottles and also taking their seed pots out into the sun each day for sunlight. The plants that Toddler B have begun to cultivate include; coriander, sunflowers, kidney beans and garlic. Most recently the Toddler B children have also added the root of a celery plant, attempting to regrow it in a small plastic container filled with wet paper towel!

Gardening is a wonderful education experience for all children to engage in! It allows for development of responsibility, reasoning and discovery, physical wellbeing, cooperation, creativity and nutrition. All the children in Toddler B have been so excited to get involved in their indoor garden, often reminding their educators when it is time for watering the plants!

We are all looking forward to seeing how their plants grow and develop!


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