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19. Sep. 2017


The children in Junior Kinder 1 were engaging with the indoor learning experiences.

They explored their creativity and imagination as they ventured to the lighted table with some small coloured blocks, the puzzle table and the home corner.

They all enjoyed working in a group of two or more.

Layla and Austin were able to identify the colours of the small blocks. They sorted the blocks according to colours while having meaningful conversations about the learning experience.

Verena, Flynn, Hunter and Carson showed interests in exploring and learning more about the dinosaurs. They used their imagination and inquisitiveness, based on what they have seen in books and other media how dinosaurs are able to fly and how some of them are small and some are big.

They discussed among themselves what they know about dinosaurs.  They managed to engage in parallel and collaborative play as they worked side by side and in some instances verbalized their actions among themselves.

On reflecting children have different ways to learn and explore things. They are able to demonstrate positive and respectful relationships as they listen to others’ views and comments.

It’s amazing how the children worked and played collaboratively for a common goal.


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