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31. Oct. 2016

Kinder 3 Ice Creamery

One of the Kinder 3 children approached Steph with an ‘ice-cream’ she had made using the magnetic shapes. It was very impressive! So much so that the other children began to make ice-creams too! Pretty soon Marnie and Steph were very full from all the ice-creams they were being offered!

During a group time the Kinder 3 children discussed what their favourite flavour of ice-cream was. A few of the children talked about how they had been to an ice-cream shop with their families, this sparked an idea – let’s make our very own ice-cream shop! The children spoke about what items they would sell. They talked about ice creams, icy-poles, cookies and other treats!

The Kinder 3 Ice-Cream shop looks amazing! The children spend a lot of time engaging in dramatic play, which builds confidence and helps children practice negotiation, cooperation, and role playing different situations. They also have the chance to develop numeracy skills as they ‘pay’ for their food and fill their peers’ orders!

By allowing the children to have control over their play and therefor their learning, we enhance their self-esteem as they understand that they are competent learners.


In relation to the EYLF, the children are displaying Learning as they are enthusiastic participants in their play – our educators promote this by providing children the opportunities to revisit and extend their learning.



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