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01. Jul. 2016

Learning through an emergent curriculum

Little Flyers’ philosophy states that children learn best through following and developing their own interests. The educator’s role is to reflect on these interests and facilitate learning by providing children with the environment and resources necessary.

Over the past month our home corner has transformed into a café as the children displayed an interest in cooking and serving food to each other. The photos show a child role playing as the waiter. With prompting from staff he learned he was able to access paper and pencils from the writing area to extend his play and write down his friend’s orders. 2 other children were the chefs on this   occasion. As we added varying resources to allow the children’s learning to continue to develop they began going ‘shopping’ to buy the things they needed to cook and so again the space evolved to include a supermarket area including checkout and paper money.

These investigations lead to lots of discussions about money, numbers, adding, writing, development of language and social skills just to name a few. As a real life extension of this the children were provided the opportunity to cook and purchase food to raise money for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. We brainstormed some ideas for what to cook and the children made the yummy treats that they were then able to purchase with their parents.


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