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Mother Duck said Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack….!

In the T1 room children have been dressing up as farm animals. They have been hopping around like bunnies, galloping like horses, jumping like frogs, clucking like chickens and fluttering like ladybugs.

Who was going to dress up as the duck?

Svetlana (educator) had snuck away to put on the duck costume, she came back singing “Five Little Ducks”. The Children thought this was  so funny, they all joined in singing and dancing together as they acted out the song. After they sang ‘Five little ducks’, they then sang Old MacDonald had a farm” and everyone got a turn to show off what animal they were.

Humour is a tool that children will use and rely on throughout their lives. It helps them to see things from a different perspective, grasp unconventional ideas and helps them to handle adversities.

Laughing helps us to connect with others and thus builds on our confidence and social skills.


Sharing humour with children isn’t all fun and games – we are learning!


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