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08. Jul. 2016


From the 4th-8th of July, we have been celebrating NAIDOC week in the Kinder 3B room. We worked together to make the Aboriginal flag and our own didgeridoo—which was made from a large tree branch.

We each made an individual boomerang using traditional Indigenous dot work as inspiration. We learned about the Aboriginal symbols and had the opportunity to draw these symbols in the sand and memorise their names.

The children really enjoyed learning a little of the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders and showing their respect by participating in a range of experiences and activities.

‘The Didgeman’ was very exciting for the children, they were able to see an actual didgeridoo and hear the beautiful sounds it can make.

Learning about and celebrating the traditions and culture of Indigenous Australians helps children to understand that they are one amongst many in their world. It assists children to recognise and celebrate the differences between cultures. It is also a great introduction to the fascinating history of our beautiful country.


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This experience and the activities that followed link to the EYLF’s outcome: COMMUNITY – Children explore diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition and that diversity presents opportunities for choices and new understandings