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21. Sep. 2017

Today the Pre School class met for the first time to begin preparations for our graduation in December.

It was decided by the children that we needed to make a ‘letter’ for our families so they know when to come, they could then put this in their calendars so they don’t forget.

We worked together as a group to come up with a list of songs we would like to sing and then voted as a group as to which would make the final cut.

We also discussed some things we would like to say to all of our guests at Graduation 2017.

Over the coming term we will begin to practice all of our chosen songs along with the different things we have decided to talk about.

Whilst the children have decided to keep these a secret from their families we know you will love all the little hints as they practice.  

We know that all of our families are going to love our final performance and we can’t wait to share the special occasion with them all.

Involving the children in the process of organising their own graduation gives them each the opportunity to have their voice heard and their contributions valued.