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06. Jul. 2017

Sending Letters to Loved Ones


Recently we purchased a small scale post box for our Preschool children. They immediately used the art and craft table to begin writing letters that they could ‘post’

The children have had continued discussion about the mail, how the postman knows where to deliver, why we need a stamp – some of the children told us how their mums buy things on the computer then they get delivered by the mail man!!! 

Jack in particular loved writing letters – he wrote and posted so many – to his mum, dad, granny, aunty… and many more. His educator Meagan asked him if he would like to post a real letter in a real post box. Jack eagerly nodded and continued on with his writing!

The Pre-schoolers were busy writing invites to their grandparents and special friends that could be posted to them. We retrieved the addresses and placed a stamp on the envelope so the mail man would know where to deliver them to!

In two separate groups we walked to the nearest mail box on Parry Rd and posted our letters. During our walk we discussed how to safely cross the road and the importance of listening carefully and not being silly around the road as it can be very dangerous.

While ‘snail mail’ is losing to quicker means of communication such as text or email, we all know there isn’t a nicer feeling than opening a hand written note addressed to you and sent with love! We learned about communication, literacy, numeracy, our community and also started to discuss road rules and the importance of road safety!


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