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20. Jul. 2017

Staunch’s Stay

Staunch (Sarah’s pet Blue Tongue Lizard) has been a frequent visitor to the Centre – especially the Toddler 1 room! She began her visits last year when the children were in Nursery.

The children have developed confidence and trust and some of them are even brave enough to hold her! Staunch being a member of the T1 room has sparked a lot of interest with the children. They will spend a lot of time watching her, the children and educators spend a lot of time discussing Staunch, thus building on our communication skills! We talk about where Staunch is from, what she eats, why she is cold, and why she likes our warm hands!

The children love it when Sarah brings Staunch in and she is always very well looked after (bananas are her favourite food!!!)


“until one has loved an animal, part of ones soul remains unawakened” – Anatole France

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