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17. May. 2017

Traffic School

Preschool have recently been exploring the theme of road and traffic safety. This was brought up when a child in the class talked about their wonderful birthday present, a bike! Many of the other children also mentioned that they too owned bikes and enjoyed riding them with their families. Through much discussion of how we could incorporate that into our own learning at Preschool, the children decided that we should set up our own traffic school on the level 5 outdoor playground!

Together with their educators, the children painted the outlines of the roads on the ground and placed commonly used street signs in the streets for them to follow. The educators asked how we could keep each other safe. The children suggested that it would be safest to only have 4 children riding at one time, to reduce the risk of injury.

The children in Preschool used their knowledge of road safety to inform the younger Kinder A and Kinder B rooms. All the children in Preschool, Kinder A and Kinder B have been riding their bikes, following the street signs and enjoying their finished product.

Educating children about traffic rules and regulations will be a lifelong tool that they will use both as children and into their adulthood. Introducing these concepts in a low risk environment will assist children to learn about road rules and be safer pedestrians (and eventually!) road users.



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