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18. Jan. 2016

Under the Sea


In our first week back at kinder we dissed what we did on our holidays. Most of the children shared that they had been to the beach or the river. Our conversation then moved on to what we might find at the beach and in the ocean. All of the children had their hands up very eager to share what they knew.

After our discussion, we created a dramatic play area so the children could continue exploring, with the theme ‘under the sea’. Our area includes a light box with pictures of sea creatures on it, a felt board for children to decide where an animal might live (in the sea or on the land), a cave for the sharks, puzzles and an art easel for children to get creative!

The children were offered a craft activity where they were asked to create their very own jellyfish. Different coloured paper was used to make the body, then crepe paper used for the tentacles, they really brighten up our “Under the Sea” area!



Pre-school room



under the sea   under the under creation