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12. Jun. 2017

Using technology to stay Connected


One of the highlights for our Southern Cross West Preschool children last week was their Skype call to Millie on Monday afternoon.  Millie and her family had been a part of the Kids on Collins community for 2 ½ years before moving back to England at the end of May.  When Millie left they had a special graduation for her as she wasn’t going to be there at the end of the year to graduate with all the other children.  Many of the Southern Cross West children had been friends with Millie for a long time and spoke about missing her so were very excited about seeing and talking to her using Skype.


When the call connected they asked Millie lots of questions.  They were curious about her new school, what her teachers name was and whether she liked her new school.  They also wanted to know what the weather was like, whether it was night or day and what food she eats in England. They were intrigued about what houses are like in England so asked her lots of questions about her house.  Millie took them on a tour of the house using her iPad.  She showed the children her room and all the rooms of the house.  She also went outside and showed the children what other houses in their street looked like.  They really enjoyed their Skype call with Millie and will organise another one soon.


What an amazing learning experience for our children – being able to stay in touch with their friend while at the same time learning about another country and culture.  This has been a wonderful use of technology in our four year old kindergarten room showing how educators can use technology to expand the resources available to support learning.