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20. Jun. 2017

Water-Beads and Bubble Scissors!

James and Jordon were seated at a table in the Pre-Kinder 2 room where their Educators had set up a water-play experience that focused on fine-motor development and hand-eye coordination.

In the water, James and Jordan found some water-beads, they scooped them up using the bubble scissors. James clenched the scissors closed and allowed the water to dribble out with the beads inside the bubble, before slowly releasing the scissors allowing one bead after the other to fall back into the bucket of water. Jordon scooped up a load of beads before shaking the bubble-scissors through the water, he looked up to his Educator with a smile from cheek to cheek, waiting to see if he’d be asked to stop splashing – But no – splashing is all part of the fun and learning!

There is a huge amount of fine motor skill involved in children learning to use scissors, the way in which our hands need to move involves the use of complex muscles and movements all at the same time, introducing the children to ‘starter scissors’ which use the same movements in a setting which includes sensory play is a fantastic way to get them on their way to using scissors to actually cut through items.

Jordon and James confidently communicated both verbally and non-verbally throughout the learning experience, the boys both  extended their communication skills, their sensory exploration, their hand-eye coordination and some very important life-long, complex,  fine fine-motor skills

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Excellent job boys!