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Early education built on over 40 years of experience

With a focus on the holistic development of each child, Little Flyers is committed to providing a creative, stimulating and nurturing environment for children to thrive


Little Flyers Learning Centres are an initiative of ELTHAM College and has been inspired by its acclaimed Early Learning Centre.

For over 40 years ELTHAM has been a leader in educating children from Kindergarten to year 12 and since 2002 has also offered high quality child care. Little Flyers focuses on the holistic development of each child and is well known for its innovative education style. In 2012 the management team at the Foundation assumed full responsibilities of the centres.

Our mission vision and values are paramount to how we work with children and their families.

Our vision

To be recognised as an industry benchmark for early childhood education and care – focused on continual development in order to exceed industry quality standards.

Our mission

To deliver an early learning environment that feels like an extension of the family home – encouraging children’s creativity, curiosity and sense of self. In doing so, we instil in them the self-confidence needed to ensure a readiness for life’s journey.

Our values

Excellence: we focus on providing the best quality education and care possible
Curiosity: we encourage continual development through exploration and discovery
Community: we promote respect for all members of the community
Empowerment: we encourage self-belief, and the power of independent thought and action
Partnership: we work together with parents to build trust and create environments most conducive to their child’s development


Our Philosophy

Little Flyers Learning Centres believe that each child comes with their own unique knowledge, beliefs, culture, learning style and values. We believe family is central to the child’s learning and development. Our educational programs ensure each child is respected as an individual and encouraged to reach their personal potential.

We teach children that they are one amongst many in their community and that we all have the right to belong. Each child will develop their own culture and share it with others. Sharing experiences encourages every child to feel safe, respected and supported.

Our learning spaces inspire trust, relationships, self-belief and empowerment. Children are taught to be resilient and to take risks in their play, to ensure safety, self-confidence, self-awareness and coping skills for future learning.

We know that a child will learn most effectively when they are interested, inspired, curious and supported. The children in our care are our partners in education. We learn together. Our educators encourage questions, scaffold learning and assist children to find the answers they seek.

Whether it is body language, crying, signing, laughing, babbling or talking, all children communicate. Little Flyers encourages self-expression in all forms and encourages communication via various measures such as singing, reading, communication technology and through the senses