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26. Jun. 2018

Encouraging Self-Help Skills

Children are encouraged to serve themselves for breakfast, morning and afternoon tea as well as lunch, where they use serving tongs and spoons.  There are always spills on the table, but children and educators work collaboratively to make it work, and children just keep on practising until they master the skill.  Today, we extended on our life skills by adding another individual independent skill after breakfast.  Educators provided a bucket of soapy water and cloths available for children to clean their spills.  When children spill food or drinks we encourage them to clean up the mess with educators’ assistance. At the end of their meal, children are able to scrape their bowls and assist with cleaning the tables.  Today, after having breakfast, children dipped their bowls into the soapy water, and washed their bowls with cloths, as educators modelled how to do it first, and then the children followed the same routine.

Teaching children to be independent is very important for them to have an increasing responsibility for their own health and well-being.   It allows them to feel empowered, working on their social skills and reasoning, and also helping develop self-esteem.



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