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Feel good about your choice of Child Care
and Kindergarten

We know you want the best for your child.
A place where every child is recognised and
celebrated for their uniqueness.

Our curriculum is built on the Reggio Emilia philosophy which is based on the image of a child. Instead of a one size fits all curriculum, Reggio Emilia uses a child-centred approach to learning. With a love for discovery, this approach to education encourages children to form a personality of their own and to respect others. Learn more...

Child Care

Our curriculum offers children from Nursery to 4 Year Old Kindergarten the opportunity to describe, explore, experiment, create,
discover and communicate in both our
indoor and outdoor classrooms. Learn more...

3 Year Old Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten curriculum is motivated by project based learning. Our projects can emerge at any time and often begin with an interest, idea or a question, from either a child or a teacher. Learn more...

4 Year Old Kindergarten

Our Bachelor trained kindergarten teachers are companions in your child’s learning, helping them to develop interpersonal skills, social skills, independence, self-control and confidence - all important aspects for your child to make an effective transition to school. Learn more...

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